We offer the following services to individual and corporate clients in group, workshop and one-to-one formats. At London Centre, we work with our corporate clients to assess their English language needs and design and deliver bespoke programmes of learninng in the UK and abroad.

Accent Reduction

The pronunciation and speech patterns of non-native speakers of English are generally influenced by the speech patterns of their first language. This can lead to difficulty in understanding and being understood by native English speakers……..

Presentation Skills

Our presentation skills coaching is delivered by specialist coaches who have considerable experience in training high profile corporate clients who need to make presentations to their clients and colleagues…….


Public Speaking, Voice Projection & Confidence Building

Our coaches have experience of working with high profile corporate executives. They have also coached many famous actors on stage, TV and films. In public speaking the quality of voice and its projection……..

Business English

At London Centre we run courses in Business English. As English increasingly becomes the lingua franca of international business, a good knowledge of business English is a must ……..