We are scheduled to launch our services in India, China and South Korea starting later this year. We will offer a complete range of coaching in:

– British and American accent
– pronunciation and intonation
– elocution and confident communication
– presentation skills and building rapport with the audience
– public speaking and voice projection
– business English

We will work with our clients to identify their requirements and build special packages to suit their needs.

Our target markets are the government, media, corporate and education sectors.

We aim to establish London Centres in business schools and universities. The institutions will be carefully selected for their size, reputation, infrastructure and the quality of their staff and teaching. An authorised London Centre status will entitle them use our name and logo in their advertisement and literature. These institutions will contract with us for a programme of teaching defined in terms of timing, quantity and quality of delivery every year. London based coaches will deliver the agreed programme of teaching and training.