Elocution & Confident Speaking

This course is useful for people who feel less confident in communicating in English in their personal and professional lives. In the professional arena, it can lead to limited participation in meetings, less than effective presentation skills and a nervous anxiety about public speaking. Others find it difficult to understand due to unclear, mumbled speech, poor voice quality and uneasy breathing. The voice quality also affects how well one is able to engage and retain the attention of listeners. For example, a monotone voice attracts less attention than a voice which is well modulated.

At London Centre we have developed a comprehensive programme which helps you to use words and voice to maximum effect and communicate with confidence. Our methodology includes coaching in inflection and stress, intonation and a joined together, fluid speech. We train you to correctly use stress at the syllable, word and sentence levels. We demonstrate to you how stress on a key word can change the emphasis in a sentence.

We also train in non-verbal techniques, such as body language, which complement the use of language and are an important part of communication.

We make video and audio recordings to assess your delivery, voice and body language. Based on this assessment, we develop a structured plan of improvement and work with you to achieve noticeable progress. Many of our techniques are based on the established and proven performance and voice training methods used by stage and film actors.

These courses are available on one-to-one and workshop formats.