Course Accent

The London Centre Method

Our accent reduction courses are very successful and in constant, high demand. We have developed a highly effective programme of structured training which improves the clarity of your speech and gives you confidence to communicate in English with an accent which is easily understood and respected around the world. The unique London Centre methodology adopts a practical approach which combines retraining of your muscles to produce sounds of the British accent with personalised coaching in pronunciation, stress patterns and intonation. We have incorporated various techniques which are used by stage and film actors to improve the quality of their voice and speak with such clarity that large audiences can understand and appreciate them. Our experienced coaches have worked with most accents from around the world. They are well placed to help you because they are familiar with the speech patterns of different languages. London Centre has devised specialist materials and approaches to help speakers of all major languages to reduce their accents and speak in a manner which is universally understood and appreciated.


At London Centre, we value the effectiveness of personal attention. While we use the scientifically proven muscle exercises to help the clarity and quality of your speech, our emphasis remains on giving you personal attention to deal with your specific issues. For this reason we limit the number of people on each course to a maximum of six.