indiaWe will establish a London Centre in your educational institution to deliver an effective teaching programme tailored to your requirements. The coaching will be provided by our highly qualified and experienced

professionals. The programme content will be chinadesigned with you to include bespoke combinations of our services- Spoken English coaching (accent, pronunciation, intonation), elocution and voice projection, presentation skills, public speaking and confidence building.


We Offer

  • A contract for the annual delivery of a teaching programme in terms of its content, duration, timing, volume and price
  • Our London based coaches visit your institution to deliver quality teaching consistent with the contracted programme
  • You can use the London Centre name and logo in your advertising and literature during the tenure of the contract

We Seek Partner Institutions

  • With a strong reputation of achievement in the field of education and training
  •  Which are interested in a long term partnership with us
  •  That we can respect and trust to maintain the value of our name.

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